A World without Cancer: The Making of a New Cure and the Real Promise of Prevention
by Margaret I. Cuomo, MD
Hardcover, 288 pages
October 2012
$26.99 / $31.00 Can
About the Book

A provocative and surprising investigation into the ways that profit, personalities, and politics obstruct real progress in the war on cancer—and one doctor’s passionate call to action for change.

As a diagnostic radiologist who has watched patients, friends, and family suffer with and die from cancer and who was deeply affected by the enraged husband of one patient, Dr. Margaret I. Cuomo is inspired to seek out new strategies for waging a smarter war on cancer.

This year, about

About the Author

Margaret I. Cuomo, MD, is a board certified radiologist. She is the daughter of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and Mrs. Matilda Cuomo, and sister to Governor Andrew Cuomo and ABC’s Chris Cuomo. She resides in New York.

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