Runner's World Complete Guide to Minimalism and Barefoot Running

How to Make the Healthy Transition to Lightweight Shoes and Injury-Free Running

by Scott Douglas
Paperback, 240 pages
March 2013
$15.99 / $18.50 Can
About the Book

Proponents of running either barefoot or in minimalist shoes argue that by introducing a thick layer of cushioning and an elevated heel between the foot and the ground, modern running shoes alter a runner’s natural running form, which leads to injury. Conversely, they posit that a return to a more natural running gait by running in little-to-no shoe will lead to improved form, resulting in lower injury rates.

Beginning with a brief history of the barefoot/minimalist running movement,

About the Author

Scott Douglas is the news editor of and the author or coauthor of five other running books. A runner since 1979, Douglas lives in South Portland, ME.

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