Fiber Up Slim Down Cookbook: A Four-Week Plan to Cut Cravings and Lose Weight
by The Editors of Prevention
Paperback, 384 pages
August 2008
$21.95 / $23.95 Can
About the Book

While common dieting wisdom suggests that those who need to lose weight must be eating too much, the newest discoveries in weight loss science now reveal that what’s not being eaten can hinder weight reduction. Fiber is turning out to be the silver bullet of dieting—because it can fill you up on fewer calories, dampen cravings for fattening foods, and dramatically improve your overall health.

Consuming the right amount of dietary fiber can have profound health benefits. It can cut the

About the Author

PREVENTION MAGAZINE, America’s leading healthy lifestyle magazine for more than 50 years, is the most trusted source of practical health information for nearly 11 million readers. In a sea of conflicting diet advice, readers know they can rely on Prevention to provide them with cutting-edge, authoritative information.

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