About the Brand

Organic Gardening gives its audience the advice, tools, and inspiration to create beautiful, sustainable sanctuaries for all living things. Drawing on its rich heritage–Organic Gardening was created by company founder J.I. Rodale in 1942–it speaks with authority and authenticity to the growing number of people who understand that leading a healthy, environmentally responsible life begins in their own backyard.

Organic Gardening Magazine

For over 70 years, Rodale’s Organic Gardening has been the leading magazine resource for discovering a healthy, environmentally conscious lifestyle. With a mission to “live lightly from the ground up,” Organic Gardening empowers and inspires readers with tips, tools, recipes, news and interactive content for a refreshingly natural approach to health, home, food and garden. Organic Gardening can be found on Twitter (@OGMag), Facebook (Organic Gardening), and is also available on the iPad.


Visitors to OrganicGardening.com can find everything from expert growing advice and pest control solutions to creative concepts for design, décor and entertaining. Biome, Organic Gardening’s lifestyle section, is the go-to destination for DIY craft ideas, healthy beauty tips, and features the people and places making a mark in the world of organic living.

With monthly “to do lists” by zone, growing guides for favorite vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals, as well as tips for composting and garden design, OrganicGardening.com is an essential tool for the organic gardeners of all levels.

Organic Gardening Events

Organic Gardening’s passionate readers know that one of the best things to come out of gardening is delicious food. The brand’s annual Farmers’ Market Tour helps bring the possibilities of garden to table cooking to life–going right to the heart of fresh food, the nation’s best farmers’ markets–to bring first-hand instruction on how to grow, select and prepare the flavorful, fun recipes from the backyard’s bounty. With live cooking demonstrations featuring well-known local chefs, a green demonstration kitchen display, gardening tips, sponsored product demos, sampling, and more, readers are immersed in the Organic Gardening lifestyle.

Organic Gardening Books

Organic Gardening books give readers gardening advice they can trust. Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening is a bountiful harvest of tips, instruction, and advice to help American gardeners grow hardy organic fruit and vegetable crops and create gorgeous edible landscaping as well as nontoxic backyard habitats for birds.


Publisher, Organic Gardening

Ellen Carucci


Director, Corporate Communications, Organic Gardening

Katie Hunsberger