Maria Rodale, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Maria Rodale is the CEO and Chairman of Rodale Inc. She is an activist and a businesswoman who has made promoting the benefits of an organic lifestyle both her personal mission and her business.    Learn More

Scott D. Schulman, President

Scott Schulman is the President of Rodale Inc. He is responsible for overseeing business and editorial operations, strategy development and revenue growth across all divisions of the company, including its multi-platform portfolio of world-class magazine brands, Rodale Books, Digital, Events, International and e-tail site Rodale's®.

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Paul A. McGinley, EVP/General Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer

Paul A. McGinley is EVP/General Counsel and Chief Administrative Office of Rodale Inc. As General Counsel, McGinley provides legal counsel, representation, and advice to all of the company's businesses and oversees all of the company's legal activities. As CAO, McGinley manages Human Resources and the Green Culture Services group, ensuring that environmental responsibility and efficiency are fully integrated into the company’s day-to-day activities and culture. Learn More

Thomas A. Pogash, EVP/Chief Financial Officer

Tom Pogash is Chief Financial Officer of Rodale Inc. Pogash is responsible for all finance activities including treasury, tax, accounting, cash management, financial planning and analysis, and business management. Tom also oversees the Operations Group, which includes fulfillment, procurement, customer service, rights management, photography and production. Learn More

Anne Alexander, SVP, New Content Development & Editor at Large, Prevention

Anne Alexander is Senior Vice President, New Content Development for Rodale Inc. In this role, she defines and develops new content areas, spearheading strong growth opportunities for the company and across Rodale's current multi-platform portfolio of world-class brands. Learn more.

Beth Buehler, SVP, Digital Operations & Strategy

Beth Buehler is the SVP of Digital Operations and Strategy for Rodale Inc. In this role, she leads, unifies, and coordinates key digital functions across the company's portfolio of world class brands, which includes Men's Health, Women's Health, Prevention, Runner's World, Organic Gardening, and Bicycling, as well as Rodale Books and Rodale's®, the healthy lifestyle e-tail store launched last year. Learn more.

Miranda DeSantis, SVP, Human Resources

Miranda DeSantis is Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Rodale Inc. In this role, she leads all areas of the employment experience including organizational development and design, talent acquisition and management, learning and development, Total Rewards, as well as culture and communications, across the company's portfolio of world class brands. Learn more

Chris Lambiase, SVP/Group Publishing Director

Chris Lambiase is SVP, Group Publishing Director of Rodale Inc. In this role, Lambiase leads Rodale’s print and digital advertising sales and marketing efforts across all Rodale titles, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention, Bicycling, Runner’s World, Running Times, and Organic Gardening. Learn More.

Mary Ann Naples, SVP and Publisher, Rodale Books

Mary Ann Naples is Senior Vice President and Publisher, Rodale Books. She oversees North American trade and direct book publishing operations, including editorial, marketing and distribution channels. She also collaborates with Rodale's award-winning brands on bringing their content and vision to life. Learn More

Robert Novick, SVP, International, Business Development & Partnerships

Robert Novick is SVP, International, Business Development & Partnerships at Rodale Inc. In this role, he is charged with maintaining the integrity and success of Rodale's award-winning properties through numerous international partnerships, international licensing, and upholding the company's position as the leading source of health and wellness information worldwide. He also oversees Rodale GROW. Learn More

Brian O’Connell, SVP, Business Operations & Strategy

Brian O’Connell is the SVP of Business Operations and Strategy for Rodale Inc. In this role, he serves as general manager for the company and its portfolio of world class brands, which include Men's Health, Women's Health, Prevention, Runner's World, Bicycling, and the forthcoming Rodale’s Organic Life. Learn more

Joyce Shirer, SVP, Audience Development & E-Tail Marketing

Joyce Shirer is SVP of Audience Development and E-Tail Marketing. She leads and manages all areas of product sales for Rodale, including direct books, magazine subscription and retail sales, business intelligence, syndication, marketing and e-tail marketing. Shirer also leads the marketing strategy and execution behind the company's new e-tailing platform, Rodale's®. Learn More

David Willey, SVP/Editor-in-Chief, Runner’s World & Editorial Director, Running Times

David Willey, a Senior Vice President of Rodale Inc., is the Editor-in-Chief of Runner’s World, overseeing all editorial operations of the brand, and the Editorial Director of Running Times. He joined Rodale as Editor-in-Chief of Runner’s World in 2003 and oversaw an award-winning redesign of the magazine in 2004, recruiting a roster of new talent to broaden its audience and creative ambition. Learn More

Bill Phillips, VP/Editor-in-Chief, Men’s Health

Bill Phillips was named VP/Editor-in-Chief of Men's Health, the largest men’s magazine in the world, in November 2012. Within this role, Phillips oversees multiple editorial platforms including print, digital, social, radio, TV, and branded books. Learn More

Melanie Hansche, Executive Director, Food Content & Strategy

Melanie Hansche is the Executive Director of Food Content & Strategy for Rodale Inc. In this role, she maximizes the company’s existing food assets and expands food content development for Rodale and its portfolio of world-class brands, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention, Runner’s World, Bicycling and Organic Gardening (which will relaunch as Rodale’s Organic Life in Spring 2015), and Rodale's®, an e-tail store offering healthy products that nurture happiness, protect nature, and help people around the world. Learn More

Kelly Facchiano, Senior Director, Finance & Business Operations

Kelly Facchiano is the Senior Director of Finance & Business Operations for Rodale Inc. In this role, she leads business operations for Rodale's®, the healthy lifestyle e-tail store that launched in 2013. In addition to day-to-day operations, Facchiano is responsible for strategic planning and development for the business. Learn More

Amy Keller Laird, Editor-in-Chief, Women’s Health

Amy Keller Laird is the Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health, the fastest growing women’s magazine in the world. She is responsible for overseeing the editorial direction across all brand platforms, including the magazine’s print, digital, tablet, and mobile presence, as well as books and international editions. Learn More

James Oseland, Editor-in-Chief, Rodale’s Organic Life

James Oseland is Editor-in-Chief of Rodale’s Organic Life, a lifestyle magazine launching in Spring 2015. It is a relaunch of perennial title, Organic Gardening, the first organic magazine and first Rodale title. In this role, he oversees and directs brand content across all brand platforms, including magazine, digital, live event, and e-tailing components. Learn more

Bill Strickland, Editor-in-Chief, Bicycling

Bill Strickland was named the Editor-in-Chief of Bicycling for the second time in his 23-year career at the brand in August 2014. He was also editor-in-chief from 1999-2003, and has been an editor-at-large at the magazine since then. Learn More